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Response to Slander

We, the elders of Grace Fellowship Church, do categorically deny the false accusations and slanderous tweets and posts made by Chuck O'Neal. This page is a response to Chuck O’Neal’s slanderous postings on Twitter. These postings are full of outright lies and deceptive editing designed to paint a picture of Mike Reid and Grace Fellowship Church that is the opposite of the truth. 

This page will not address each false allegation made by O’Neal. It will address some obvious lies made by O’Neal that should demonstrate his error in this matter. The reader is encouraged to practice Proverbs 18:13 and 18:17.

Callie's Response and Testimony (In response to an audio posting made by Chuck of a confession she gave. He claimed she was forced by Mike Reid to stand up and confess specific sexual sin.)

While we have followed Titus 3:10 in our interactions concerning Chuck up until this time, we believe it to be wise at this point to make a public response to the lies being purported. Chuck has taken content from our Sermons, cut them up mid sentence, and pieced together videos and statements that are not in accordance with what we believe or teach along with many complete and total lies. The godly men who have practiced Proverbs 18:13,17 by seeking out our testimony and truth of the matters falsely portrayed, have been able to see through Chuck's slander and gossip. Please see our initial responses that have previously been sent to anyone willing to inquire as to the accuracy of Chuck's claims.

Pastor Tyler's Inital Response

Pastor Nick's Initial Response

We would agree, that if Chuck's you tube posts are true, that we would have major doctrinal and heretical problems. However, they are NOT what we believe or teach and have been altered to say something entirely different than what was being taught and discussed. We do acknowledge that Mike Reid's way and manner of communication lend themselves to being misunderstood and misinterpreted. We strive for clarity in our position on these matters and hope we can suffice to provide that on this page.

For instance, we do not and have never practiced "kissing" in any way similar to what Chuck describes. No one in our church has ever kissed another man's wife on the lips, nor will that behavior ever be tolerated. Mike Reid's comments were ripped completely out of context and cut up to portray something heinous and unholy. Chuck's commentary on the actual events are full of blatant and outright lies which he obtained via gossip through a 3rd party. He does not represent situations or relationships and specific interactions with any degree of truthfullness.

Our greatest desire is that the truth be made known. Therefore, we welcome any and all inquiries and will continue to update this page as neccessary and appropriate. 

 Tyler Bolkema, Mike Reid, and Nick Rolland


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