Sunday 10am  Gathering Times



Grace Fellowship Church 

Our local assembly holds to the London Baptist Confession  of Faith of 1689 (LBCF).  Here are a few reasons why. 

1)  We believe the LBCF most accurately outlines what is taught in scripture.  It elevates God's sovereignty and God's grace in saving of lost souls.  

2) We believe scripture is complete and Holy, lacking nothing.  The LBCF speaks to the entirety and completeness of God's divine word.

3) We believe the LBCF accurately clarifies and seperates us from Catholicism in each section.

4) We believe the LBCF sanctifies God's people, shows sinners where true salvation lies and how it's obtained in no uncertain terms.  

We do not claim perfection in these 32 points of the LBCF.  Scripture alone is the one and final authority for all mankind.  The LBCF simply helps us organize what the Bible teaches and is not in and of itself authoritative in nature.