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Reformed Theology

When people refer to a church being “Reformed” or that it teaches “Reformed Theology,” generally, they are talking about theology commonly referred to as the Doctrines of Grace (a.k.a., “5 point Calvinism” or “T.U.L.I.P”) and the Five Solas of the Reformation. There are some differences across denominational lines concerning other doctrines, but, all churches that espouse being Reformed, hold these in common.

Grace Fellowship Church could best be described as teaching and adhering to Reformed Baptist (as opposed to Reformed Presbyterian) theology, doctrine, principles and practices. Everything we preach and teach, the manner of our worship, and our life together as the Body of Christ flows directly from the Word of God. We believe in the Doctrines of Grace and the Five Solas of the Reformation, not because we are “Calvinists”, but, because these teachings are expressly biblical.

Click on the Five Solas or the Doctrines of Grace, detailing what we mean by “Reformed Theology”.